What is The Crater in Oak Forest?

Natalie Creek from its start to its finish is a mixture of man-made structures and natural slopes, curves and turns through three communities:  Oak Forest, Midlothian and Robbins.

Water that collects at/around the George Dunne Golf Course in Oak Forest follows a path that eventually leads to a concrete outlet/pipe behind a shopping mall at 159th and Central in Oak Forest.

It has been explained by some that The Crater was built somewhere in the 1950’s to take a point of overflow from Natalie Creek and divert it into this decent-sized and relatively deep indentation in the landscape for possible future release back into Natalie Creek at a later time using mechanical pumps.

From erosion to structural and possession damage and destruction, the role and capacity of The Crater cannot be dismissed from any flood-related conversation, especially any Early Warning System.

This video shows snippets of video I took within a 30 minute time period.  While there was no dramatic shifts in the water flow while I was at these points, it still is important to be able to view the actual indentation when it is inactive.