The Quirky April 13, 2015 Water Level Rise

While this text is in hindsight of the content of the video below, I sat in a chair next to the concrete channel on the northeast side of 149th and eventually stopped reading because I wasn’t willing to believe I was actually able to “see” the water rise.

I had the camera pointed directly at the large pipe taking water from the northwest corner of 149th and Kilpatrick and included a much smaller opening coming from the southeast side of 149th.  There was a pile of stones in the corner and between the eventual coverage of those rocks combined with the smaller opening clearly having little space left before water was going to be halted to some degree.

Here is a graphic of what the meter read the water levels to be at 15 minute increments.  The timing of the greatest height of the water matches up fairly well with the time I was busy recording that cold morning.


While reading numbers is important, having video helps create actual match-ups to what a meter is reading and what is going on in actuality.

I have been asking around since I posted the video if anyone had any ideas as to what might cause such a jump and so far none of the known possible sources add up to the reason and I have also had the ability to watch this same intersection a few times during a patch of rain and I have yet to see the level I saw on April 13.