April 16, 2015 Rain Ready Steering Committee Meeting

Photo courtesy of Floodlothian Midlothian

Photo courtesy of Floodlothian Midlothian

The first Rain Ready Steering Committee Meeting was held Wednesday, April 16, 2015 to discuss potential projects, grant opportunities, current progress and more.

While the members of the Committee passed on electing titles at the meeting, the agenda was primarily worked through by Harriet Festing of CNT and Helen Lekavich of Floodlothian Midlothian.  Other active participants were Village Trustee Karen Kreis, Village Trustee Jerry Gillis, Village Trustee-elect Carl Ivan, Mary Chiz of Floodlothian Midlothian and board member of the Midlothian Public Library and Village Engineer Jeff Koza of Robinson Engineering.

The meeting was run more similar to a Town Hall meeting, which was far more productive than disruptive.  Members of the audience asked questions and contributed ideas and information.